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Hey Solopreneur - If you are overwhelmed by your task list and feel like you’re either endlessly creating content for your blog, email list, Instagram, or don’t have time to create enough content - this episode is for YOU!

I never have enough time to create content!

Let’s be honest, with the number of platforms we’re on, creating content and showing up daily can be really challenging.

How are we supposed to produce posts for our blog, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, podcast, and email list, PLUS tend to our customers and clients, AND still have time at the end of the day for the 500 other things that need to get done in business and life?

🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯

If you are overwhelmed by your task list and feel like you’re either endlessly creating content or don’t have time to create enough – this episode is for YOU!

This week I’m helping you take that big content creation task off your plate (or at least shrink it so it’s super manageable) and give you back HOURS every day.

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Daily task tracker + content planning spreadsheets

Too long didn’t listen…

This is a conversation I have almost every week with my Dare to Grow students and now I’m going to have it with you because y’all are putting way too much unnecessary work on your plate. 

This is for you if you’ve been online, writing blog posts, sending emails, making videos, podcasting, posting on instagram, essentially creating content all over the place for months or years and you’re currently feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to do.

I’m going to help you take that big content creation task off your plate – or at least shrink it so it’s super manageable.

If you are overwhelmed or not getting everything on your task list done, then you need to stop creating new content and start repurposing and reposting everything you’ve already created.

We’re hooked into so many brands and businesses on social media that it’s easy to feel like people are creating brand new content consistently. But the big accounts – they’re able to show up every single day, sometimes multiple times/day because they are repurposing and reposting their content.

I scrolled through an account the other day and they had the same five quote graphics repeated over and over and over again through their IG feed.


Because every time they shared that graphic their audience responded. Lots of comments, lots of likes, and I’m sure they were getting lots of shares and saves and DMs too.

You can do this exact same thing and it doesn’t just have to be for Instagram, you can repost and repurpose everything you create.

For example: Instead of writing a new email sequence (5-10 emails) about Instagram from scratch which would take me an entire day…

1 ➜ I went through all my old emails in ConvertKit, scanned for the ones about Instagram, and looked at open + click rates. Then I copied the best ones into a Google doc.

2 ➜ Then I hopped into my inbox where I have a folder called “xosarah readers” – this is every single response to an email I’ve sent. Whether it was a quick thanks or multiple paragraphs, if an email was good enough that someone took the time to respond, I save it. I scan through all the email subject lines and pick out the ones that got the most responses.

By collecting all of those previously-sent emails I didn’t have to write anything new.

So instead of spending an entire day writing a brand new sequence from scratch it took me ONE HOUR to pull those emails and set up the sequence.

You can do this too with any type of content…

  • Create an Ebook from all of your old blog posts or emails
  • Take tips from your blog posts and share them as Instagram Stories
  • Send your email list the tips you’re posting Instagram 

Remember, Instagram posts only have about 48 hours of life before they’re buried by new content, so a portion of your followers and any people who follow you after that post might never see it.

And this means, yes, you can repost that exact same caption with the exact same photo/graphic.

But won’t I annoy my audience by repeating content?

Nope! People need to hear the same thing multiple times before they’ll take action. How many times do we hear someone’s advice, agree that it’s a good idea, and then do NOTHING. I do that – we do that with most of the info we hear every day.

But also…do YOU even remember what emails or blog posts you did last week or last month? If you don’t your audiences definitely doesn’t!

Plus your audience is growing every day so there will always be people who haven’t heard any of this stuff from you and will benefit from you posting it again, emailing it again, or sharing it on another platform.

But I feel like I’m saying the same things on repeat!

This is a good thing! It means you have a specific message for a specific audience and you’re showing up enough to be repeating yourself.

If you don’t feel like you’re repeating yourself then you’re probably speaking about too many topics and need to narrow your niche or you need to show up more consistently.

Speaking about the same topics and the same issues will cement your authority on that topic making you the go to person next time someone needs what you do.

Let me leave you with a few tips to keep things organized:

1 ➜ Write all of your content in a Google doc first so it’s easy to find. All my blog posts, emails, IG posts are in one document, which means it’s easy to get a clear picture of how often I’m posting and promoting things, and allows me to go back and find things quickly to repost.

2 ➜ When you run a promotion or have a post that goes viral, add it to a doc specifically for viral content so you don’t have to digging for the posts that get lots of engagement. 

3 ➜ Organize posts by product (not topic) so when you want to promote something specific you already have a list of which posts you can share again.

If you are overwhelmed by creating all the content or you just don’t have time to be consistently creating new stuff, make that content document, dump in all your best stuff, and then schedule it to repost to your email list, to your Instagram, to your blog.

And it will free up a ton of time for you while keeping you showing up for your audience!

Hope that helps!

Content Hack: Why you need to stop creating from scratch

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