How to be consistent + make your habits stick

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In this episode we’re talking about the C word.

This is the word I hear over and over again from my audience, students, coaching clients. They are struggling so hard to post on their blog, create videos, send emails to their list, and show up on Instagram. And they know (as you might too) that it’s holding them back.


In order to grow your audience, grow your sales, and grow your income – you need to show up consistently, provide value consistently, and sell consistently.

As important as it is, it’s also one of the most challenging habits to cultivate as a solopreneur. Which is why I’m not only sharing my habits for being consistent, but also how to figure out what’s REALLY behind your struggle with consistency so you can stop using productivity hacks as Band-Aids and make a permanent change.

I love to hear what you’ve learned and hand out high fives – tag me on instagram @xosarahmorgan and tell me your biggest takeaway from this episode!

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