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How to find time to do all the marketing things for your business

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I’m sharing my simple solutions for marketing your online business that will create the biggest bang for your time, energy, and resources.

Wondering how people make doing all the marketing things look so easy? Instagram posts and stories AND Reels, emails, blog posts, videos, Facebook groups, TikTok, YouTube. 

It is A LOT and it can end up feeling like all you’re doing is working on content when that’s only a small part of growing your business.

This is why I put so much work into systems that allow me to show up and be effective on social media without it taking over my whole week, which is what we’re talking about this week!

I’m sharing my simple solutions that will create the biggest bang for your time, energy, and resources. Give this episode a listen and then head over to Instagram, find me, and let’s discuss!

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Too long, didn’t listen…

Pick your platforms

You don’t need to show up everywhere even though it probably feels like you do. I remember when Clubhouse launched and for weeks I felt like I needed to get over there and take advantage of the first wave of enthusiasm and action. Outside of the feeling of missing out, there wasn’t anything else getting me excited about that platform, so I just felt bad every time someone talked about it. I felt guilty for not jumping on that app, and just thinking about it or having that in the back of my mind was such a waste of time and energy. 

Go ahead and try things if you’re curious, but don’t feel like you need to keep adding platforms every time something new is launched. 

Instead, ask yourself – where do you like spending time / what type of content do you like to make? How does your audience or your ideal customer or client consume content?

If being on video is really difficult, try blogging or a podcast. If you hate writing, then video might be the way to go. If you hate making content every week then maybe you just run ads. There are a million ways to market your business and the key is, the more you enjoy it the easier it will be to show up consistently.

Any time I’m not feeling excited to create content I go back to my blogging roots and think about how to be more creative or try something fun and focus on supporting my audience without worrying about views or engagement for a minute. 

Before you dive into the next suggestions, audit the platforms you’re currently using and double-check that you’re really into creating that type of content and that your audience is showing up and responding.

What is the purpose of the platforms you’re using?

You need to have a plan for what actions you want your audience to take and how that platform helps to grow your business. Is it to attract and grow your audience? To warm them up so they know, like, and trust you enough to hire you or make a purchase? To push them to your website or blog? For example, people on YouTube are looking to get their information or be entertained on the app, so putting 3 tips into your video and sending people to a blog post for the rest doesn’t work as well as just giving them all 5 tips right on YouTube. However, Instagram is great for teaching the 3 tips because people are more used to opening links within the Instagram app. Double-check your purpose for each platform and how well that platform is doing its job.

Once you’ve audited the platforms you’re using then it’s time to work on your systems…

I have systems for planning, content creation, and interaction.

Automate as much of the process as possible

Use a scheduler to auto-post. If you are using any social media platform you do not need to be posting in real-time because that is a waste of time. It might just take two minutes but then you add that on top of 20 other two-minute tasks and you lose an hour from just task switching. 

You can pre-schedule almost everything and for Reels, you can at least create drafts to make in the moment posting take two seconds. Scheduling apps are all pretty equal at this point so just pick one. Planoly is my jam, Later is a great option as well. If you aren’t pre-scheduling your posts, set this up asap because that’s a task you do not need to be doing.

Schedule everything in advance

When do you plan content? When do you make videos, take photos, make graphics? When do you write captions / emails / posts? When do you respond to comments? All of these tasks should have a space in your schedule that repeats every week or every month. 

For example, I plan content once/month. This is a repeating task in my schedule at the beginning of the month and I plan all my social content, emails, podcast episodes, and any promotional content at one time. This way I never have to come up with content ideas in the moment and my content is focused because it’s all planned together.

If this is where you’re getting stuck I highly recommend jumping into Dare to Grow and going through the Content Planning Workshop. I walk you step-by-step through using Airtable (the free version) to come up with content ideas and create a schedule. You can use the code PODCAST2022 at checkout which will give you access for just $49.

I also have a specific schedule for responding to DMs, comments, and engaging with my audience. If I haven’t posted anything new I check in once/day usually in the morning while I’m eating breakfast. If I have posted something new I will check in and respond to comments once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and maybe once at the end of my workday because I know that it’s not just my audience’s engagement that counts, it’s my engagement too.  That doesn’t mean I have to be on IG all day – checking in once or twice is enough.

If you get asked the same questions in your DMs, add an autoresponder (but make it sound as human as possible) or keep drafts of responses on your phone. This is especially helpful when I’m running promotions for workshops or challenges and I need to keep sharing the same links. I also add a prewritten response in the notes app on my phone so it takes two seconds to copy/paste and personalize it. 

Autoresponders sometimes get a bad rap but as long as it’s written in your voice and not totally generic it’s a great time saver. 

Batch when possible

I know that I don’t want to record video every day and I know I can do 3-4 videos at once and I know that if I’m doing a lip-synch Reel that has to go last because it will take forever and probably piss me off. I could plan, record, edit, write the caption, create the Reel all in one day but I find that switching tasks and switching apps slows me down. I do all the planning at the beginning of the month, then one day for recording and editing, and then another day for all the uploading and captions. For me, this is a much easier flow because I can repeat the process for each task and I create faster this way than doing one video at a time.

Hiring help for the boring / difficult parts

One of my clients last year could create all her content without a problem, but she never got around to scheduling her posts so she would post and then disappear for a few weeks before posting again. She figured out that scheduling was the problem and hired someone to do that part for her. It doesn’t matter what part of the process you get stuck on or avoid or never find time for. If it’s keeping you from showing up and doing the things you need and want to do, then you need to ditch that task or delegate it to someone else. 

One of my favorite ways to figure out what I need to ditch or delegate is to track my time.

This episode is more about content-related tasks, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your business or your to-do list in general I’d track your time for the entire day. For 10-14 days write down every task, how long it took, and it might also be helpful to note if you procrastinated getting started if the task felt easy or hard.

I did this with one of my clients and she tracked her energy levels for each task because she was running out of energy during the day and then pushing tasks back. Instead of just focusing on getting better sleep or adding in a workout to generate energy, she tracked her tasks to see where her energy was leaking so she could adjust that task or support herself to recharge after those energy-heavy tasks.

In the end, if you’re overwhelmed then your schedule is not serving you. Which it really needs to when you’re the one doing all or most of the work in your business. If you were starting from scratch I’d tell you to pick a platform and then become the best you can be at that one platform. If you’ve been at it for a while and have lots of social media accounts – don’t be afraid to scale back. It’s better for your audience to hear from you consistently than show up in a million places so people can hear from you two or three times/month. 

I’ve done YouTube, Clubhouse, Twitter, Facebook and none of those platforms light me up like Instagram so that’s where I spend the most time. Then I wanted to give my audience some longer-form content but not have to put makeup on or deal with recording videos, which stressed me out in the past, so I decided to try a podcast instead. I much prefer sitting in my closet in my PJs recording podcast episodes than doing hair and makeup, fighting with my DSLR camera, lighting and editing, and scripting, and getting annoyed at my lighting and my neighbors making noise. I went for the easier option for myself and my audience benefited because of it. You can do the same thing too!

If you have more content + marketing questions head over to Instagram, find me, and slide in my DMs with your questions. I love hearing from you!

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