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Instagram Bonuses – here’s how to get paid for posting

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Have you heard of Instagram bonuses? You might have seen some popular creators talk about getting paid by Instagram for posting Reels or going live.

Well, luckily Instagram is trying to give opportunities to a wider range of creators, not just those with huge followings. Which is awesome because I got the Reels bonus last week so today I’m gonna tell you all about it.

What exactly is it? How do you get it? And is it worth your time to make and post Reels??

A bonus is when Instagram literally pays you for getting views on your stuff.

The one I got is for Reels but I’ve seen other people get bonuses for going live as well.  For this bonus, I can create up to 150 Reels and earn bonuses based on the number of plays, up to 11 million plays and $1200. It will give you a specific time period and includes all the Reels or lives you do within that time.

This is not something that’s available to everyone, you can’t sign up or apply, you just have to cross your fingers at this point and hope it magically shows up like it did for me last week.  I have about 8000 followers right now and one of our Dare to Grow members who has about 30,000 followers also got it the same day. 

I was literally laying by the pool, reading a book, taking a break after the site launch, and when I opened Instagram there was a pop up notifying me that the Reels bonus was now available. I literally grabbed all my stuff and ran back to my apartment like a dork because I was so excited to set it up.

When the Reels bonus pops up for you all you have to do is walk through the prompts to set up all your payment info and then you can start creating. I will include some screenshots of that process in the blog post for this episode. But if it shows up for you it will be obvious.

If the pop up appears and you accidentally close it, you can also go into your settings into your business or creator settings and then you’ll see the bonus in there.

The other thing is that you need a business or creator account to get these bonuses, so if you don’t have a business or creator profile this is a really good time to switch. It will give you more stats and access to some of the new features that you may not get if you just have a personal profile. 

My bonus runs from May 10 to June 10, so it will give you a timeframe. Then it says I can get up to 11 million views and earn up to $1200.

Now don’t get too excited because you actually would have to get 11 million views on the Reels posted in that timeframe.  So, reality check, right now I’m averaging about $12 per reel. Which isn’t crazy however at the end of this I’m probably going to hit about $200. Which for doing something you should already be doing, that could pay for your email platform, for a course platform, or for a virtual assistant.

One thing I did notice was that once I had that little extra incentive I was more excited to post because I love a challenge and seeing how much money I can earn or how many views I can get adds a fun gaming aspect to this whole thing. If you’re also incentivized by a challenge or by playing a game this could help you to show up more often.

I’m trying to post Reels at least every other day if not every day just to see how much money I can make from this. Which means I’m mixing in a few more trending Reels and fun videos than I probably would just to see if I can boost that view count.

One of the Reels that’s done best so far is the one where I talk about 5 things to do on a Sunday for a productive week and it’s just b-roll of me on the couch working on my computer at night. That was just a random video I recorded a few weeks ago.

Now the question – is $12 per reel a good enough payday?

For me, it’s not, however it is helping to get me posting more and creating more content. Which means it’s putting more views on the rest of my content, my profile, and even older Reels. While it’s not generating a ton of engagement it is putting my profile in front of a lot more people who don’t follow me which helps to grow your audience.

To take advantage of that I’m being more conscious about what I’m posting and gearing it toward people who might not know me + my stuff yet. If they do come by my profile it’s showing off what I do and inviting them to take another step like downloading a freebie which I’m promoting extra on stories right now for that reason.

It doesn’t matter what kind of content you’re posting as long as it is a reel. You can talk on video, you can do tik-tok dances, you can use trending audio, you can use your favorite music. All of it counts so if you do have this bonus pop up I really encourage you to take advantage of it because it is free money and if you wanna grow on Instagram you should be posting Reels anyway.

If you’re not sure what to share on Reels, number one – jump into Dare to Grow membership because I have multiple trainings on how to use the platform, and examples for what to share and none of them include dancing or pointing at shit. 

Number 2 – make sure you’re following me on Instagram or you’re on our email list because we are gonna be running a reels challenge next month and that will help you get comfortable on video really fast.

3 – scroll through Reels and watch for a trend or an audio clip that will work for your audience and your niche. I spend time every week scrolling and looking for trending audio. If you see a little arrow next to the audio title that means it’s trending and you will likely get a few more views on that type of audio just because it’s popular.

Use that incentive to experiment so that you can then look at your stats and really get a good picture of the types of content that is attracting follows, that is attracting DM‘s, clicks over to your stuff, or is just bringing in a lot of views.

Alright, let me know if you’ve gotten an Instagram bonus, if you’ve tried it, or if you have any other questions. Find me on Instagram 

I’ll talk to you again next week!

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