Which is why we created Dare to Grow. 

Your support system, education hub, and business BFFs to help you say Fuck the man and build your empire.

But let’s be honest, building a business from scratch is not always easy. 20 percent of businesses fail within the first year and 50 percent never make it past year five.

To help women own their earning potential, their time, and their sanity while getting paid to do something that lights them the fuck up. We believe in going at your own pace, running your business YOUR way, and building a business that supports your life, your community, your dreams.

And we believe in entrepreneurship as a means to make that happen.

We believe that if all women were supremely confident, had more resources, and were encouraged to be themselves, the world would change.

The Manifesto

It’s time to stop holding back and start growing the business you keep imaging. We're here to help you every step of the way.

We’re on a mission to help women build thriving, fulfilling businesses by making marketing and attracting customers + clients easier. 

It’s not about implementing all the strategies or looking a certain way on Instagram. It’s about finding YOUR best strategies, where your audience responds, and what turns them into customers + clients most effectively.

It’s about trusting that your community is out there and your unique skills and experience is what will make them connect with you.

It’s about investing in yourself, showing up as the leader your community needs, and being able to take a break when you need it.

When women do better the world does better. We want to see women fucking THRIVE. We want to see YOU make confident choices, feel supported, and have the funds and resources to fulfill your dreams. 

You don’t have to be spammy, salesy, or have an endlessly inspiring life. You don’t have to show up 24/7 or create content like it’s your job (because it probably isn't). You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing just because they say it’s the BEST NEWEST #1 strategy. 

We know you’ve got something big brewing over there and we want to help you with the strategy, the systems, and the confidence to bring it to life.

Our purpose

3 ➜ To be transparent about what it takes to market a business online - we love mid-week naps, but also know when it’s time to get down to business and take focused, imperfect action.

4 ➜ To learn from + with our community to provide adaptable solutions to marketing’s most annoying and tough problems so you always have a solution that feels realistic and do-able.

5 ➜ To improve the status of women in the world by teaching the skills for marketing, productivity, and mindset so they can create their own power, influence, and wealth. Women are our focus, but dudes are welcome.

1 ➜ To provide current marketing education that is easy to understand and implement including the systems + mindset strategies to make the day-to-day work easier.

2 ➜ To create a safe and supportive space for all those WINS + WTF moments. From "I just did my first live!" and "I’ve sent an email every week this month!" to "Whyyyy isn’t this working??"

Our goals

Women owned + run since 2012

Diversity, equity, and inclusion, being anti-racist (as a verb), and making sure our communities are a safe space for everyone to learn. We are committed to continuing education for ourselves, hiring with diversity in mind, and adjusting our policies and programs as we learn to do better. 

If you take issue with any of the above you can save your money and buy this book instead.

Also, we believe in . . . 

Between then and now I’ve worked with hundreds of design clients, written multiple ebooks and two printed books, launched courses that rocked and courses that flopped, spoke at conferences, launched a podcast, created the D2G membership, did that whole circus thing, moved from Michigan to San Diego, and adopted the sweetest dog ever (that's Hazel!)

I've watched my clients + community members beam with pride as they post their first story, launch their new course, get 200 webinar sign ups, sell out their program, get epic testimonials, take time off, launch a podcast, a book, a membership, hire help, and finally hit those $5k months.

If you're looking for coaching, trainings, or a hella supportive community, we're here to help you too!

Let me tell you - I will forever remember the feeling of driving through those gates for the last time knowing that I never had to go back.

And my readers started to respond. Slowly I filled my schedule, took on every client I could get, and not only was I falling back in love with designing, but I was making pretty good money.

Enough money in fact that in 2012 (with the addition of circus stuff and a hefty savings) I left my job and started to freelance full-time.

Just to see what would happen, I posted on my blog that I would be open to freelance website projects . . .

But around year four the projects were getting repetitive and I started to worry that I didn’t like designing websites anymore. Something I’d been in love with since I was 13. Literally - AOL showing up on a CD changed my life, made me fall in love with the internet, and created a passion that would stick for 20+ years.

But now I was 25 and panicking that if I didn’t want to code anymore what the hell was I going to do instead??

Somehow as a total introvert I spent seven years working as a web designer in the middle of a TV newsroom. Every day I was surrounded by chatter, reporters going live 10 feet from my desk, and non-stop interruptions. It was fun at the beginning - I learned a ton about what clients are looking for when paying for ads and partnerships, and worked behind the scenes of a big media platform.

10 years ago I ditched my corporate job for the freelance life and while it's been a rollercoaster, it's also been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Hi! I'm Sarah,

Get those clients, fill their program, launch something epic, hire other amazing humans, post the video, raise the price, do it first, lead a community, and build a business on YOUR terms.

This means if I see a spark in you I will ALWAYS tell you to go for it. Yes you should, yes you can, yes I'll be here cheering you on, answering questions, and handing out pep talks as you go.

I LOVE seeing women WIN. 

I’m obsessed with optimization so you + I can get the most out of our businesses and ourselves, help as many people as possible, and still take the weekend off. Fewer platforms, more automation, time saving tweaks to keep the procrastination at a minimum and the results coming in consistently.

You can do a lot without doing it all.

Sometimes just getting yourself to finish writing the damn email is a Herculean effort. Decisions, deadlines, and everything riding on your shoulders can be overwhelming. Don’t even want to count the number of 1am nights and ugly cries I had in my first couple of years.

Running a business can be really hard.

Sometimes all you have to do is tell someone your plan or ask that one question to get moving again. I can’t tell you how many coaching convos consist of one question and me simply saying "Yep…go for it." And that’s enough to get them back on track. 

Sometimes all you have to do is take the ONE next step and then you suddenly find yourself at the finish line celebrating.

But not always...

I don’t have to OVERTHINK everything when I just do what feels good. My students connect with me BECAUSE I have anxiety and talk about mental health, BECAUSE I wear band t-shirts and leopard print, BECAUSE I use punk songs in my Reels. Have I received emails scolding me for swearing too much? Yes. Have I responded by unsubscribing them from my email list? Also yes.

Being yourself is way easier + more effective.

Here's what I've learned over the last 10 years...

Ready to get started??

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