Over the last 10 + years I've worked with freelancers, course creators, coaches, and small biz owners to improve their websites, email marketing, and social media. Essentially making their online presence do the selling so they can spend more time with clients and customers.

My clients have sold out course enrollments, filled webinar seats, launched podcasts, ended up with TV contracts (!!!), and generated millions of views, clicks, sign-ups and sales.

I started my career as a web designer and content producer at a TV news station (where I won an Emmy for digital media work). In 2012, I launched my freelance website design business using my blog while also literally running away with the circus.

Since then I've built over 100 websites, hosted a 100+ episode podcast, built a list of over 22,000 subscribers, wrote hundreds of blog posts, and spoke about marketing at multiple conferences.

After eight fantastic years of teaching I'm back to my nerdy roots (Geocities, LiveJournal anyone??)...building websites and making people look good on the internet.

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I'm a website designer and copywriter with a passion for helping businesses look their best online. 

I'm Sarah Morgan,


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